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Give it a watch.  You won’t be disappointed!

This preview made me laugh out loud and Laura actually peed her pants.  She’s gone home from work now and the office stinks of urine.  Still I think I’d like to see this movie

Aries: did you know that thursdays are international “give a hooker a sandwich” day? So give that special hooker down your street a PB & J or a ham and swiss on whole wheat and she may give you something in return! A free movie coupon, obviously.

Libra: your chi-light is pretty low these days. cleaning out your fridge with mr. clean should fix this problem right up.

Taurus: life is pretty dull for you right now. add some auto-tune to your daily routine and reap the benefits of booty shakin’ rhythm and thousands of hits on youtube

Scorpio: summer is almost over and you STILL haven’t set up a lemonade stand?!! get on that girl.

Gemini: saying yes to a thumb war today is the right decision

Cancer: frodo once said, “I wish the ring had never come to me”. well, some unwanted things may come into your life that you must rise above. and if you’re a little person like frodo, you may need a step stool to do this.

Leo: You will feel like you are being followed today.  It’s just your shadow…and your neighbour Jim.  Didn’t know you had a neighbour Jim?  Turn around and introduce yourself!

Virgo: Mate your kitten with a tiger today.  You will get a hybrid kitten called a titten.

Sagittarius: Are you sad today?  Watch this video and you will be happy.

Capricorn: Half of your body wants corn today. The other half will reject the corn if you eat it. Make your decision wisely.

Aquarius: You will have a spectacular day if you are wearing a yellow shirt or if you have recently moved offices. You will also get an unexpected phone call today.

Pisces: Feel like being anti-social tonight? Have the perfect night in! Rent Harry and the Hendersons and watch it in the nude!

wow we are receiving tons of feedback, sorry we cant post all of them! here’s one from Stephanie M!

The creators are [very] hilarious! [especially Laura!]”

Thanks steph! I know, I am pretty great.

Comedy Central censored its 200th episode after it received a warning from an Islamist website that the show’s creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, would be murdered! The episode depicted the Prophet Mohamed dressed as a giant teddy bear. really…all this over a giant bear? I thought their depiction of barbra streisand, a musical ICON for the gay population and “the way we were” fans everywhere, was much more offensive! what do you think?

I am sure everyone on this earth has seen this video.  Just in case you haven’t…it’s a real treat.

This is pretty hilarious.  An indian music video with ridiculous sub titles.  Good for a chuckle.

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