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I wished that Sex and the city would some day come back with another season, and like all wishes that come true, they are an awkward, mishaped version of what you actually wanted – kind of like an inbred child (<–top left). And sometimes that little cross-eyed ball of joy turns out to be exactly what you needed. Well folks, HBO’s new series, GIRLS is that deformed miracle. Created by 26-year old Lena Dunham, the show follows the lives of a close-knit group of twenty-somethings as they attempt to chart their lives in New York City. The pilot begins with the central character, Hannah (played by Dunham), being cut-off from the financial support of her parents, as she is left to face the reality of finding a “real” job to make ends meet, all the while attempting to flourish as a writer and navigate through her awkward personal life. GIRLS provides an honest portrayal of young women pursuing their dreams in New York, and the hilariously painful truths of it all. It’s funny, inappropriate, and authentic. In short, MY NEW FAVOURITE SHOW.

The first season has already ended, so get on it!
Check out this trailer !

Okay Laura, don’t be too dramatic.  I will never quit design chicks.  Ever.  I just quit my day job though to go on to bigger and better things.  I have now convinced Laura to join me in my new venture.  What will we be doing you ask?  We will be teaching photoshop to old people.  Why you ask?  Simple.  We want to be stinking, filthy rich.    How will we become stinking, filthy rich you ask? Simple.  We will teach old bitties photoshop, duh.

Picture this: you are old, I mean, cripple & pruney old, and your beatiful 20 something year old grand daughter snaps a picture of you.  You take a peak at it and gasp.  Who is that cripple pruney broad in the photo before you?  It’s you!  Well, how is that a picture appropriate for you facebook profile picture?  I can tell you the answer, it’s NOT.  Take a few lessons from us and you will be able to turn your photo from wrinkly old prune to a Jennifer Anniston look-a-like.   What do you think a geriatric would pay for such services?  We’ve done some (minimal) research and  we’ve concluded that they would spend about $3,000 an hour.   Cha-ching!!  If you are interested in such services please contact Laura or I.  Just google us.

Check out our photo bellow, where we took a picture of Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen looking like trashy, used up celebs and made them look young, youthful and ready to have some peanut butter jelly time. Yes, it is the exact same picture with a little photoshop manipulation.  Hold the phone! We are only offering our services to retired people willing to shell out some serious dough.  We did this project for Mary Kate and Ash pro-bono and becuase they’ve been retired from spouting out phrases like “you got it dude” and ” You’re in big trouble, mister!”  for quite some time now.


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