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Here are Fridays horoscopes!

Aries: My only advice to you today is to stay away from ice cream trucks. trust me

Libra: It is your duty to bring something back today. like the high-five, or “NOT!” or the the classic northern getaway sweater

Taurus: you wont have a very good day today. but sing along to this and you’ll feel so much better

Scorpio: the stars are forming a bean shape around your yolk-wagon this week. this is a sign of good luck, but it is also a warning of excess gas. best to stay away from large crowds so as not to embarrass yourself.

Gemini: You’ve been in a funk lately. its time to switch shampoo and watch an episode of cake boss

Cancer: write a poem today and send it to someone you have been admiring from a distance. They will find this to be romantic and ask you out on a date. you will go on the date and become serious for a few years, but in the end things will not work out.

Leo: Get the exact opposite of what you would have gotten for lunch today.

Virgo: The shoes you wear today will say a lot about you. Seriously the will talk and you will be freaked out.

Sagittarius: You will have an itch today that really irritate you.  Don’t fret young Sagittarius it will soon pass.

Capricorn: Try to avoid mirrors today. You do not look good and we don’t want you to feel bad about yourself.

Aquarius: You will be surrounded by strong females today. Do not challenge them to an arm wrestle, you will lose.

Pisces: Today, make sure you eat something that was once frozen.  The defrosting period will remind you of your former lives.

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