Mexican Cat buys one way ticket to the windy city

We had recently recieved a comment expressing concerns that we have not been representing the mexican population in our blog.  (I beg to differ, I feel that our observation on big hats and rita macneil who happens to be 1/4 mexican, hits the mark on an important part of the mexican tradition). Nevertheless, our readers opinions are important to us!

So DID YOU HEAR?! Charles the mexican cat travelled 1,3000 miles from new mexico to chicago! The owner was reportadley “crushed” or how do you say in spanish…”trastorno” when the cat had been missing for eight months! But thankfully, they found him earlier this week hanging out with Kanye West.

Okay thats where I stopped reading this ridiculous article featured in The Star, click here if you are intrigued! or click here if you wanna see more Keyboard Cat!

But there you go! a real mexican love story.

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