Toy Story 3 Review!

Toy Story 3 was everything I wanted and more for the 3rd chapter of the toy story trilogy. It was fun for the whole family (except I went with a friend because I come from a broken home).  Pixar really tugged at my heart strings with this one. The idea of growing up and moving on is the prominent theme of this movie. That, combined with the introduction of new hilarious characters, and keeping the jokes free of tiresome pop culture references, had me laughing and crying at the same time! which made me look super awkward. Nevertheless I give this movie FIVE woody ritas out of FIVE. what did you think Robin?

Well Laura, since I saw this movie after you saw it and raved about it, I was slightly disappointed.  Disappointed is a harsh word, I’d say I was not overwhelmed with satisfaction.  I have enjoyed all 3 of the toy story movies so I would like to give kudos to Pixar for continuously delivering on the entertainment factor. I agree that there was a great combination of both humour and heart wrenching wholesome family goodness.  I would definitely recommend this movie to pretty much anyone, but I do not believe it was a flawless movie…Laura, 5 rita’s means it was rita perfection which is just a ridiculous statement

Maybe if I saw this in 3D I would give rita an extra hat, but for now I give Toy Story 3, 3 and 3/4 Mr. Potato head ritas out of 5.

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