Our beloved Kurt Browing, four-time Canadian figure skating champion and four-time world champion is apparently still making headlines, and not because of his show stopping numbers and his nice booty. no, not this time. While attempting to dry out his wet car seat with a leaf blower (??!!!), the car burst into flames and quickly spread to the attic.  The fire then moved quickly through the house, causing the roof to completely cave in!. “I was just watching reruns of kurts “brick house” performance from the 95 rock n roll championship, when smoke started billowing in!!!” explained a disgruntled Sonia Rodriguez, wife and biggest fan of Browning. “everything is gone. nothing was salvaged” she wept.

We tried to talk to Browning about what the frack he was thinking but he just told us to leave him alone, and then he skated away.

Read more here!

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